NANFA-- Jordanella floridae--A request for info

Dori Rog (
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 06:59:51 -0500


I'd appreciate any information and expertise you all could share with me about Flagfish (Jordanella floridae).  I'm a zookeeper (and nanfa member) and would like to display Flagfish in one of our tanks that feature "swampy" critters.  It's a naturalistic tank that holds about 500 gallons of water.  Currently in the tank are about 50 plus Gambusia, a Blackstripe Topminnow, Northern Studfish, a dozen Golden Topminnows (we're planning to get lots more of these--I think they're really nice looking fish!).  Also in the tank are a dozen Southern Redbelly Dace ( I think these are more of a stream fish, but it's a long story, and now they've been included in our tank.)  There are several crayfish, and assorted aquatic inverts (beetles, water scorpions) in the tank as well.

Would a couple dozen of the Flagfish be an appropriate number for this tank?  Equal sex ratio? Has any one ever kept same sex numbers in a tank?  I've heard they can be aggressive fin nippers at times to other Flagfish--is this true?  What have you found to be their favorite foods? 

I've read some articles I've found on the nanfa website--very helpful. This is the first time I'm posting something on the listserve.  I enjoy all the useful info both here and on the website.  

Thanks!       Dori Puracchio

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