Re: NANFA-- keeping paddlefish
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:31:40 +0700

The Chinese paddlefish is endangered and the US paddlefish are
imported to China too [I don't know for what purpose - stocking?
aquaculture? aquarium?].

If I remember right the Chinese paddlefish is very different from the
US counterpart. It look more like giant naked sturgeon with extremely
oversight snout and mouth but its snout is not broad paddle-shape. I
can be wrong but I remembered the special edition of the journal
Environmental biology of fishes[?] [the special issue dedictated to
sturgeons] have drawing and headshot photo of the Chinese paddlefish.

Sturgeon are imported here too. The sellers try to tell others it is
easy to keep - which is true only with cold water and lots of
space... Gars and bowfins do much better here and some Alligator and
Florida gars grows quite big here.


Al G Eaton wrote:
> Tony, There is a paddlefish native to the Yellow
> River in China. Could the paddlefish you are seeing
> in the orient be that species instead? I would think
> it is more temperature tolerant.
> Klaus

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