Re: NANFA-- Least Darters

Bonnie Ullmann (
Thu, 7 Jun 2001 12:38:20 -0700

Sorry to be so late to get on this thread. I have found unhatched
brine shrimp cysts can kill 3-spine sticklebacks but do not bother
other species of larvae. The sticklebacks seem to be unable to pass
the unhatched cysts through their digestive system. One can buy
really expensive de-capsulated brine shrimp eggs or go through a
nasty process (that I could email to you if you really wanted) of
taking the shells off yourself before hatching them. The best
solution is to be very careful when harvesting so as to not to
include any of the egg casings that are floating around. This is
probably too late to be of any service now but maybe in the future?

>I have my Least Darters spawning. Aroud the middle of May they
>began to hatch. I put the in gren water and also feed them APR.
>after a few days I started putting Brine shrimp napali. I whet
>camping for four days on Memorial day weekend and when I got home
>they all had died. I thought they starved. May 30 more hatched out
>Same as above last night I could see Brine shrimp in some of their
>bellies. This morning all dead. I'm still getting eggs so I have
>more chances.
>Some of my thoughts
>The salt in brine shrimp can kill baby cory cats maybe thats whats
>happening with the least dartes.

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