Re: NANFA-- My intro to natives
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 08:10:28 EDT

Great thread

When I was a boy my city was the northern edge of the Detroit suburbs. There were no streams with fish left, but plenty of places to catch crawfish and tadpoles. Were now the pop. center of metro Detroit 40 years changes alot. In High School I found a copy of Fishes of the Great Lake Region by Hubbs. I couldn't belive the drawing in the book of Fundulus notatus. A fish that looked that good couldn't live in Michigan. I new I'd never find them but two weeks later, on a campout with my family, I was scooping them out of a lake with my mothers frying pan.
That started me with natives. Later as a Scoutmaster I would collect on campouts with the help of my Scouts. After my Daughters were born I got out of keeping fish. After they were grown I got one aquarium that didn't last long I was out collecting fish on Scout campouts agan.
When we got the internet on our computers at work I was told you could find out anything on the Web. I didn't believe it so I typed in Fundulus notatus. Up poped any article I believe by BG and I found NANFA through the backdoor.
Wow! very common experences for all of us. Isn't it great their is an org. like NANFA for all of us that never grew up.

Bob Muller

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