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kahley (
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:39:31 -0500

At 09:35 AM 6/25/01 -0400, Bruce Stallsmith wrote:
>Where are you, and what river is this? I would guess midwest/northeast, but...

West Branch of the Susquehanna near Lewisburg, Pa. The West Branch
(The Emerald Gem) is a much different river than the North Branch/Main Branch.


The EPA describes it as a better quality watershed. There is a cliff
nearby of some ..ohh..
well ...a couple hundred feet probably, with a view point overlooking the
river. It is not
uncommon to be able to clearly see the ledges in the river below...ledges
that are probably some
8-15 feet below the surface. Of course, that's in good clarity phases,
typically in July,
before biologicals (algae and shed algae) build with the hot weather and
reduce the
visibility. When the water cools again in late August, early Sept, the
water clears to crystal but it
gets pretty cold as well. Again..all this is trashed with prolonged
downpours like we had
last week <sigh>. Unfortunately, it is also a high use recreational area
so the best viewing is
early in the AM and on weekdays.

BTW....if you don't know this site, it's a winner.

The Real Time Data for Streamflow is an excellent resource for checking
conditions on all rivers and many creeks. At least you can track stream
levels and check to see if recent rain has effected, perhaps, muddied the
waters prior to your trips. Though less extensive that the stream flow info,
the water quality data
may also be useful for preliminary scouting.

Of course, ya'll are probably light years ahead of me on this stuff, but
I thought I'd share just in case.

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