Re: NANFA-- NANFA and the need to record history

Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 10 Jun 2001 13:05:44 -0400

Travis "the historian" Haas suggested:

>With the speakerís permission, would someone be willing to make an audio
>(or video) recording of each talk and send it to me so that I may
>transcribe it? Getting copies of the visual aids used would make the
>document even better. Also, if a good enough quality video was made, that
>too could be archived and offered to members. In some cases, the talk may
>be pointless without the use of visual aids; in these the video form may be
>especially valuable.

Fabulous suggestion, Travis.

I have videotaped the speakers from the last 2 conventions. I have done so only
so that I could more accurately recount what the speakers said for my AC summary

I've been asked by several people to make these tapes available, but I hesitate
from doing so because they are of exceedingly poor quality. The audio is poor
because the speakers are miked from the middle or rear of the room. And the
image quality flat out sucks. My camcorder is low-end; the lighting is dim;
projected slides and other visual aids are out-of-frame or too fuzzy to read;
and if the speaker paces, he or she is often off-camera, which makes the sound
quality even worse.

My objective was never to make these tapes available to the membership at large;
I was just recording them as reference for my AC summary articles.

Suffice it to say, if someone with better equipment and the technical
wherewithal to produce superior sound and picture would like to record the
speakers in Ohio, that would be fabulous and could provide an additional member

Also, Travis, if you would like to transcribe the speakers, I will gladly send
you tapes of the last 2 conventions. Transcription, for me at least, is a slow
and difficult process that makes writing the AC summary articles a major,
time-consuming chore.

I'm sure that with proper and accurate transcriptions, we could find many uses
for them -- AC articles, website features, and just plain historial
documentation of some excellent talks.

Any volunteers out there to record the Hocking Hill talks?

Chris Scharpf

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