NANFA-- native fish display

Bob Bock (
Sat, 9 Jun 2001 11:57:32 -0400

Luke wrote:

In the NFC I've establishe and education display at my universty that has
native fish and discusses briefly the problems they face as part of the
Adopt A Tank program. (gasp! the "other" guys are actually doing

Bob responded:
[Hi, Luke. It's nice to see that you're making a positive effort. In my
local fish circle, we have an NFC member, some NANFA members and some joint
NANFA-NFC members. I've said privately to the people in this circle that
the adopt a tank program was a worthwhile effort and that I think it's good
that the NFC undertook it. In fact, joint member Chuck Miro in our area
operates one of the adopt-a-tanks in his daughter's school.

Since I've said this privately, I wanted to say it publicly. And I'd also
like to say that there is room for two native fish groups. It's true that
the pool of members is limited, and both groups draw from the same pool, but
I think this is a good thing, too.

The two groups probably have slightly different philosophies and approaches,
but each is out there trying to do its best. I admire the NFC's adopt a
tank program and, as a member of the NANFA board, I'm very proud of NANFA's
education and research grants. With each group out there, trying its
hardest, we each reach more people in total than we would have otherwise,
and the fish can only benefit. And the native fish public get a choice in
deciding whether one group, or the other, or both, represents them in a way
they agree with.

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