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The US Army Corps of Engineers is also encouraging employees watch this

>>>....19 June, there will be a TV special on PBS jointly developed by Bill
Moyers and World Resources Institute (of which Jonathan Lash is President).
This program will examine the overall capacity issues facing the world
now--how to accommodate population, development, sustainability and resource
exploitation issues in face of well documented evidence of global effects
and predictions of global consequences.
Here is the message from WRI below. Check your local listings for
times. Please share this with others who may also be interested.

Dear Friends,

I have an unusual proposition for you: on the evening of June 19 stay home
and watch television. Bill Moyers and WRI have teamed up for a television
special which will air that night. The program will explore what is
happening to the Earth's capacity to support nature and civilization.

Half of the world's wetlands lost in one century
50% of the world's forest cleared
70% of the world's major marine fisheries depleted
Nearly 60% of coral reefs at risk

Moyers' stories are about all of us. They describe what we've done to Earth
and what we can still do to turn things around, if we act quickly. It is a
powerful film with a compelling message.

I hope that you will tune in on June 19 at 8pm. (Check your local PBS
listing.) Please forward this message to others who might appreciate hearing
about the program.

With warm regards,


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What is happening to Earth's capacity to support the human
species and civilization? And, more importantly, what can
we do about it? These are two critical questions of the
new century that journalist Bill Moyers explores in his
upcoming report, EARTH ON EDGE, which premieres on PBS on
June 19.

EARTH ON EDGE provides a close look at five ecosystems around
the world, describing the impact of human activity on the
environment and the kind of behavioral changes that can
restore it. But the time for change is running out.

Source: Environmental News Network

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