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<< >Understanding the fish and becoming an activist for environment
>and species preservation is much higher in the priorities in my view.

I agree with you 100% on that one, Lee. However, if it weren't for my initial
enthusiasm for collecting -- i.e., getting my sneakers wet -- I wouldn't be
focused on biology and conservation as I am today. In fact, I hardly go fish
collecting anymore. Haven't even been out this year.

Excellent observation, Chris. I would be interested to learn how everyone
became interested in native fish and if it has lead to stronger interest and
participation in conservation. I would really like to hear from all you
lurkers, too!

I'll start: my Dad did it and that is how I initially became interested.
And there was a "ditch" running near our house and I spent a lot of time in
all seasons wading down there collecting minnows and crayfish. I imagine a
couple guys from the local aquarium club got him interested. (Vernon Parish
& Ralph Plummer for sure, Charlie Grimes maybe.) Since then I've become
involved in several conservation efforts and have gotten several other folks
interested and aware of native fish.

Yeah, I have to say, the first step in many cases is getting someone out
there wading and seeing what is there. Even normally calm adults get all
excited when it is time to see what the nets and traps brought up!

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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