NANFA-- RE: Fundulus pulvareus

B.G. Granier (
Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:38:09 -0500

Dear members:

Edward Venn aksed for breeding information about this beautiful killifish
from North America some time ago...........

Now I can add to his questions by submitting more information, per my recent
experience with this fish!

The males and females were taken home by the author on May 6th and placed
into a 20 gallon-long tank. They have been fed flake foods and a daily dose
of baby brine shrimp. The salinity of the tank's water measures to
1.004-1.008 sp.gravity and there are two yarn-mops, (killiefish-style)
suspended from the top of the tank..........

The eggs are deposited into the topmost layers of yarn, while I suspect that
the other im-mature individuals are "picking off the eggs as they are lain,
I can collect as many as 2-4 eggs per day from the adult pair........

Incubation time is as I said, about 14-17 days at 80 degrees.............the
fry are very small as killifish go, so be sure to add Infusoria and A.P.R.
(Artifial Plankton-Rotifer) powder until they're able to attack and consume
live baby brine shrimp!

Please excuse this computers spelling, it cant speelll tu gud........


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