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David Lains (
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 08:45:28 -0700

Hi Jay

I was down there doing an internship with USFWS at Ash Meadows National
Wildlife Refuge through The Evergreen State College. I was on the ESA take
permit for the fish of SW Nevada so I could trap and survey the pupfish and
Ash Meadows Speckled Dace. I worked with David St George(Greener), Refuge
Biologist and Jennifer Wilcox PhD candidate from Colorado State Boulder. We
mark/recapture surveyed every spring system in the place and collected fin
clips form the marking procedure for Jen's genetic work. We didn't trap C
diabolis but I participated in the visual counts down in the hole and I got
to go into the point of rocks refugium to remove the largest crayfish I've
ever met!

This experience was 1/3 of the best Senior Year Ever! After Nevada I went
to L.A. to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to work with jelly fish and
gorgonians and then to SE Oregon to survey birds. All this has landed me in
Eugene Or working at the Zebrafish International Resource Center, where I
take care of a million dollar filtration system, ship fish world wide, and
play with live foods for future use in the facility.

David Lains
Eugene, Or

>What were you doing in Nevada anyway, and how did you get so lucky to see
>the Devils Hole pupfish up close?

- --
>Jay DeLong
>Olympia, WA

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