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Brian Bastarache (
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 20:40:23 -0400

At 07:55 AM 6/6/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I do not believe that if given proper care, the C. diabolis that becomes a
>larger fish with better finnage stops being a C. diabolis. The harsh
>environment in which they naturally live, limits their full potential and
>the fish are merely surviving. Given a good environment the fish thrive and
>look much more beautiful.

But in argument was to use these animals as a "bank" to one day return to
the Devil's Hole site. These tank bred fish MAY have an edge and
out-compete the natural phenotype. The pup fish we know and love would
dissappear...OR..Just as bad interbreed with the natural fish. Either way
we would be loosing gentic information. And that is what this is mostly

Every species has a library in its genes. A library with information that
has been written of the last 3.5 billion years. Would you support the
burning of books, much less libraries?

Brina Bastarache

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