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kahley (
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:38:15 -0500

Thanks for your input. I realize that carp are considered garbage fish.
I shared the opinion, having only seen them dead along shore after having
their skulls bashed by fishermen and rotting in the sun for a few days.
But, after watching them in their own turf, they have a charming skittery way
of covering the bottom and look for all the world like giant albino catfish.
(i'm referencing the short squat freshwater tropicals....sorry don't know the
A couple seasons back, I stumbled onto a school that had claimed a shady
undercut bank and some submerged trees as home base. Other than the
one carp that visited my reef * on a semi regular basis, I rarely saw them,
so it was
a bit surprising to find myself surrounded by a dozen or so. I thought they
spawned in shallows so I had no clue why so many would be in this particular
area. I backed off and watched them but the visibility wasn't
great at that time and I really couldn't learn much more. I cruised the area
a couple more times over the next few weeks and they repeated the circling
until I got out of the neighborhood.
In any case, they certainly are more attractive from underwater, with a
hint of
iridescence which I did not expect.

Again, thank you for listening to my query.

* In order to fulfill a life long urge to climb in the tank with my fish, I
have built a
series of 2 twenty foot reefs to attract fish in a nearby river. It's been
a lot of
work, especially since the reefs are often flattened by winter ice jams, but it
has been a thrill to watch the residents from "inside the tank".

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