Re: NANFA-- Savannah Trip?
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 08:51:39 -0400

>> Do you catch anything else than shrimps while using this technique?

all sorts of stuff. the wife once caught a 17 lb redfish in the cast net -
a highly amusing scene.....she's screaming at first about a shark in the
net, then scrambling to get the red in the boat and then i'm trying to
handle the defensive rebounds when the fish attempts to bail out and
getting spiked in the process.....blood everywhere (mine and the fish's)
but squid, minnows, founder, sole, oysters, crabs, etc. etc. are usually
dredged up with the shrimp. we have even caught pipefish and butterfly
fish occasionally.
you keep the minnows, i'll force myself to be happy with the shrimp.....

>> No seining possible ?
seining is possible but check into WHERE it's allowed. unless you have a
better permit than i do, you'll only do it on the ocean side of the sandy
beaches. tybee, of course, has nice sandy beaches but since the shrimp
thing is in force, you'd do best to check with DNR before running a seine.
the ranger may not be too understanding since the primary use for seines
around here is for shrimp destined for the table.....

>> i got buried in a local lake (West point) once and really got scared...

funny you should mention west point. i grew up in columbus georgia and
spent a lot of time on west point. rolled a small boat off burnt village
point in late november one year. any graphite fly rods or spinning rods
found there off burnt village at the 20' line are mine......i was a mite
concerned for myself that day.....


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