Re: NANFA-- Sushi - was darter food (are darters food?)
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 11:17:15 -0400

this georgia boy prefers a lighter beer (miller highlife) and plenty of it
when consuming seafood. or any food. or when not consuming food.
any of you ever had "live" sushi? sometimes, to gross out visiting
relatives, we'd pop the head off a live shrimp, peel it quickly and eat it.
you can feel it quiver. not for the sqeamish. but it really tastes pretty
good with just a little sea water on it......and, of course, chased with a

I hope you're drinking Old Speckled Hen or Kilkenny! Guiness has to be the
worst thing to drink with sushi.

Tokyo Japan
>>>pardon me? raw oysters are "yuck"? perhaps you just need to send them
>>>me....I know how to deal with them.....
>>Ahh yes, a sushi afficiando. Don't forget the wasabi, soy sauce, pickled
>>ginger and 5 litres of good dry sake. Ooops I'm making myself hungry.
>>Tokyo Japan
>I know that sake is the "authentic" Japanese/Korean thing to drink with
>sushi. Maybe it's a mark of my barbarian ethnicity that I prefer cold dark
>ales with sushi; somehow it complements the taste of the food in a more
>profound manner. But, your mileage may vary.
>--Bruce Stallsmith
>Huntsville, AL, US of A

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