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Mark (
Sun, 10 Jun 2001 11:11:19 -0400

At 11:43 PM -0500 6/9/01, D. Martin Moore wrote:
>OK, that sounds almost exactly like the one I put together last
>year, except I got a 6-12 foot fiberglass telescoping handle from the
>Home Despot. Only problem, as I mentioned, is that after several
>trips to sandy locations the handle no longer telescopes :-( You
>have to be conscientious about cleaning it after trips.

How did you join your handle to the hoop?

>Oh, I also dyed the bag brown. I know that in theory the bag is
>replacable, but how the hell do you do it? If you figure out how to
>get it out of the rail let me know.

Yeah, I think I will dye the bags dark green. That's what I did with the
one I'm using. I've noticed that fish in an aquarium will often dive into
the dark green aquarium nets, while fleeing from the ones with white

As far as replacing the monorail bag, you have to rotate the entire bag in
the hoop. Though the hoop is about square, you can think of it as a big
circle. So if you rotate the entire bag once, while holding the hoop
stationary relative to the bag, the entire periphery of the bag will have
slid out the open end of the hoop. This, of course can only happen if the
hoop is detached from the handle or yoke, depending on your net design. So
you're just working the periphery of the bag through the rail by pushing
one side and pulling the other. As the netting comes out the one end, you
have to let that free end rotate around the hoop following the end that's
still retained inside the hoop. I know I need to come up with a beter way
to describe this. Maybe I should take a series of photos illustrating the
process. Or I can show you at the convention in August. Yes, I have
actually done it!

Columbus Ohio USA <))><

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