Re: NANFA-- The Perfect Dipnet

D. Martin Moore (
Sun, 10 Jun 2001 20:36:15 -0500

On 10 Jun 2001, at 11:11, Mark wrote:

> At 11:43 PM -0500 6/9/01, D. Martin Moore wrote:
> >OK, that sounds almost exactly like the one I put together last
> >year, except I got a 6-12 foot fiberglass telescoping handle from the
> >Home Despot. Only problem, as I mentioned, is that after several
> >trips to sandy locations the handle no longer telescopes :-( You
> >have to be conscientious about cleaning it after trips.
> How did you join your handle to the hoop?

I just drilled a hole in the handle for the little button thingy on the


Jackson, MS

I wouldn't be surprised if someday some fishermen caught a
big shark and cut it open, and there inside was a whole person.
Then they cut the person open, and in him is a little baby
shark. And in the baby shark there isn't a person, because
it would be too small. But there's a little doll or something,
like a Johnny Combat little toy guy---something like that.

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