Re: NANFA-- TN valley gang - yet another potential field trip

Claudette Goldstein (
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 21:56:04 -0000


I am moving 45min away during hot hot july! (Ohio to Kentucky) I need
help/advice/ideas on moving 2-12" largemouths in a 75gal, 6-2"-6" sunfish in
a 29gal & two ten gals.

I have a 55 gal tank to use as a temp tank w/air & filtration, 1 mino-mizer
(how long do they last on a 6v & 12v? how long would you trust it to run on
a converter plugged into the wall?), 2-square 4 gal buckets, a tiny
(12-pack) cooler & various tupperware bowls...

Giving them away is not an option & my budget is limited! The bass will eat
the sunfish so combining them is not going to work!

I'm afraid the bass would tear up each other in a small container so I'll
have to separate them (I think eventually one is going to end up in the
55gal permanently after the big move).

Any suggestions? Any hints as to what *not* to do are also welcomed!

Thanks y'all!
(Hey-I'm moving to KY, don't they say y'all there?)


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