Where do all the crawdads go? was Re: NANFA-- My Intro to natives

Gupp (gupp_at_naturalaquariums.com)
Tue, 05 Jun 2001 09:09:02 -0600

Back in those days I lived in Montana and pretty much had to wear shoes,
in the winter. I had the crawdad for some time. I used to catch them up
at Gates of the Montain, where I went fishing with my step dad. Now that
I'm down here in Arizona I don't have to wear shoes except when I go to
the store. Though sometimes I have to walk fast over the driveway when
it's real hot. :) Here your more likely to find a scorpian in your shoe.
I had a friend get stung like that once. She decided to move back to
South Dakota after that. :)


Harry Knaub wrote:
> Gupp wrote:
> > I had one (crawdad) crawl into one of my shoes once when I was in jr
> > high. It was very surprising when I went to put them on again.
> >
> > Rhonda
> Yeow! What a surprise
> Harry


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