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Upper Tennessee Valley Fish-a-ree Update:

Dates: July 5, 6, 7, 2002 (Comin' up quick!)

The Plan: Meet at Bays Mtn. Park Friday evening (July 5) for a tour of the
facilities. Proceed to spend the night at my family's Possum Creek cabin.
Spend Saturday (July 6) collecting, mainly in Clinch River and Copper Creek
in southwest VA. Maybe spend Sunday doing some more.

A 5-day non-resident VA license to fish is $6.50.

Non-game fish regs for VA

List of place names and wildlife species in area of Copper Creek, Scott
County, VA (includes fish)

A 3-day non-resident fishing license in TN costs $10.50.

Regulations for methods other than rod and reel in TN

Bays Mtn. Park's website (Friday's meeting point).

Saturday morning we will sample some sites in VA. We will shoot for a 9 AM
start. For those needing to purchase a VA license, we will make a stop on
the way to the Clinch. Our first site will be the boat ramp area at
Clinchport. Just upstream is a nice shallow run with good current. I caught
mountain madtoms, Tippecanoe darters, redline darters, and banded darters
earlier in the year. There are currently several longear sunfish nesting in
the area, too. Lots of unidentified minner types in the area as well.

Our second stop will be downstream a couple of river miles to the
confluence of Copper Creek and Clinch River. There is a large, deep pool in
the river there that is rumored to have walleye and musky. We can send Gill
Man out to verify. Just upstream of the pool is a nice riffle area. Also
from this spot we can go up Copper Creek a little way. Most of my sampling
at this site has been with hook and line (some decent smallmouth bass and

Our third stop will take us up Copper Creek a ways to a coworker's private
property. I haven't actually visited this site yet, but he supposedly has
about a mile of stream. Getting there may be a little interesting because
the road fords the creek at least once in that area. I hope we don't get a
flash flood! Just in case, there is another way around.

Our fourth stop will be back at the Possum Creek cabin, where we can relax
and play in the creek. I have caught lots of different fish here, and I'll
expound upon my family's history in the area to anybody who will listen.
I'll clean out the horseshoe pits, too, so we can pitch a few.

All of these sites should be good for snorkeling if the weather and the
cows cooperate.

Sunday morning, we'll see how many are willing to stay for more abuse.
There are several small streams in the area (TN and VA) that we could
probably hit.

This list of sites is subject to change. I will be working to add a couple
more, including Kevin Hamed's TN dace site and maybe one more on the TN
side of the line.

As for meals, most will probably be fast food we grab on the way to where
ever. I may try to grill some burgers at the cabin Saturday night. Any
vegetarians planning to attend? If so, there are plenty of roots and
berries in the woods behind the cabin. :) Let me know of any special diet,
and I'll try to accommodate.

If you arrive Friday, come on up to Bays Mountain Park. From Interstate 81,
take exit 57-b. This will put you on I-181 north to Kingsport. Go to Exit
52 (Meadowview Parkway). Take a left onto Meadowview Parkway. Meadowview
Parkway becomes Reservoir Road in about a hundred yards or so. Stay on
Reservoir Rd. for about 3 miles, then take a right onto Bays Mountain Park
Rd. Where the road forks, take the left fork and you will be in the park.
Tell Deborah the gatekeeper that you are with the NANFA group and she will
direct you from there. The park closes at 8PM, so if you arrive later, we
need to make other arrangements.

If you come in from US 23, it becomes I-181 at the TN state line (on both
the NC and VA sides).

If you arrive Saturday morning, the easiest thing to do would be meet in
Weber City, VA. Let me know if you plan to arrive Saturday.

Accommodations will be a rustic 2-room cabin, no electricity, no running
water. We will have a nice outdoor toilet, though. There are 2 beds in one
room, so most of us will be sleeping on the floor. Plan accordingly! You
are also welcome to bring a tent, as there is plenty of fairly level yard
space to pitch one.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend. I will post
updates to the list as they become available. Also let me know if you have
questions or suggestions.

Come on down and have some fun !!

Ranger Bob
Kingsport, TN

"Oh we're all part of a big food chain, the big food chain of life.
You eat things and things eat you, and it works out so nice.
We're all part of a great big stew and someday you'll discover
We're born, we live, we die, and we're all food for one another."
~Mike Cross, "Big Food Chain"

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