Re: NANFA-- A quick trip to southwest Missouri

Roselawn Museum (
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:20:54 -0400

Yep, I fished some of those streams as a kid, especially the Niangua near
Bennett Springs, and I still remember that clear water. We'll try to find
something really cool for you when you come down here in the fall
(mid-winter in Fargo!).

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

At 07:31 PM 6/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
>It would have been fun to meet on that trip. I wish I could have made it to
>the Current River, but I didn't have enough time. One of the locals I ran
>into on the Niangua told me that was the place to go for clarity. I'm not
>sure I like my Cardinal Shiners now, I brought back 3 big ones and a couple
>of small ones. The big ones are very active and somewhat aggressive. I'm
>thinking that they must really burn themselves out spawning, because on of
>the bright males I caught I saw later was really scraped up and died a
>couple of days later. I know the scraping didn't come from me, and I'm
>thinking it came from furious spawning activity. I actually like the Ozark
>shiners the best. They are more delicate with nice orange on the fins.
>I forgot to mention I saw Stippled Darters in the Niangua River too. I wish
>now that I would have worked my way even further into the headwaters of that
>river. It wasn't so clear as I made my way down stream.
>I'll sure make it down next Spring, especially since its a fairly easy drive
>for me. I'll be down Chattanooga way late September/early October and maybe
>we can hook up then.
>Fargo ND
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