NANFA-- carrabelle
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 13:09:27 -0400

im emailing from the new library in downtown carrabelle, florida. not a stop light in this town but a very nice new, hitech library built and paid for by the winnings of a local gumbo chef's 1st place recipe.
wish yall were here it has been stunning. i will snorkle this afternoon out in the bay behind dog island. salt water. been doing all kinds of springs for the past several days. probably about a dozen sites. blue fin killies, seminole killies, sailfin shiners. very clear waters but much low, 3.5 year drought. heavily trampled spring heads lacking vegatation... tho found a nearly virgin site a couple days ago. true paradise. yesterday went back into deep forest... hell's tate w/ forestry rangers and siened gator holes and water moccasin dens. very stunning landscape beyond the fear that creeps on you. sailfin shiners, silversides, pygmy killies and all kinds of sunfish. gar, fliers and e topminnows. lots of dollar and bluespotted sunfish. more places to see as i have decided to extend our stay by another week. ( bruce... im still planning on being back next friday night and will call you about saturday )
200 year old bonsai dwarf hemlocks, white sand dunes with dark tea colored creeks flowing quietly thru. towering white clouds against sheer blue skies. multicolored fish in each haul. to dark to snorkle tho. black banded darter. too many gambusia but a few holboki w/ the black and gold markings. mass fields of pitcher plants... several different species. jeff f... this is real goin country.
see yall later....
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