NANFA-- carrabelle! / monteagle?
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:40:05 -0400

hello all...
still here... dodging gators and beating back the yellow flies.. i spent yesterday w/ a biologist state forest ranger seining some swamp waters, ditches and a creek. today i will do a brackish water search for sailfin mollies and flag fish. otherwise im wrapping up this trip. 2 more days of seafood and sunburn and back to chattanooga.
yesterday we caught gambusia w/ the black and white markings... holbrooki?, least killies, lake chubbsuckers, redfin and chain pickeral, warmouth, dollar, blue gill, flier and pygmy sunfish. maybe spotteds also. beautiful blue spotteds too. flag fin or sail fin shiners... very beautiful, hard to seperate/ID. breeding brook silversides w/ red noses, black banded and swamp darters !, catfish unknown, pirate perch. golden topminnows. the pygmy sunnies are about impossible to tell apart as 3 species are in this range. very hard to id. ive been told of a ranger west of here. another contact?

we did get to do a little snorkling yesterday w/ a big gator in the distance. we took turns dipping our heads while the other kept his eyes on the gator's eyes. a very, very clear lake but no trespassing signs posted everywhere. we risked a citation or fine but did the sneaky. we observed beautiful dollar sunfish and intense gentle pygmy killies. this is a site all the locals use to swim at. with the carrabelle land grab many cool sites are now unavailable... but w/ the tate's hell ranger's help ive found many, many more sites. they take care of me and actually assist me during state time on these forays. they document what we find. i ID many unknowns for them. hey... our tax dollars at work! great guys too. ranger justin took me out on his boat where we hooked a dinner of spainish mackeral and a lemon shark... he got away. wow! ive never done anything like that. the family and friends had a banquet the next night!

ive had so little response for the monteagle teepee fisheree and with all the other regional activites planned im considering holding off on that trip and its planning. is anyone interested beyond bruce, steve and i? that was for the sat june 22 and the following sunday 6/23.
( bruce and steve... we could still do it tho if yall wish in prep for some other time.)
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