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I keep a bullhead - and don't really understand what the "right" feeding

pattern is ... mostly what I do is heavily every 5 days (mostly since it is

convenient for me) - there is never any left over food - the only visible

feedback that I can see is the size of the belly - I don't have any way that

I can think of to fine tune the feeding - nor do I understand what the

"base" food requirements are ... >>

I feed my Bluegill and Bullhead with "cracked" Trout Chow every day, unless I
am away. They seem to do very well on that schedule. They will go a week
without food, but when I am home, they get a large pinch every day. They have
grown from about 4 inches for the Bullhead to about 14 inches and from 6
inches to about 10 inches for the Bluegill, on that diet. Occasionally, if I
have left over frozen food, etc., from my other fish they will get a treat. I
learned a long while ago that all fish will eat Trout Chow only if I "crack"
it with a mortar and pestle. I believe the hard shell on the pellets needs to
be broken. Size of the pellet is not the problem with these larger fish.

Lee Harper
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