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UofM job announcementThought this might be of interest to the list.

Seeking motivated individual for a full-time position as a Research Assistant
in a zebrafish development laboratory at the University of Michigan

Full-time research assistant in a laboratory devoted to the study of zebrafish
development and behavior. Competitive compensation package including full
health benefits. You will be responsible for the management of a new
zebrafish breeding facility and for assisting in various molecular and genetic
experiments with zebrafish embryos.

Involvement in a research program aimed at identifying and understanding the
genes that control the development of the brain and development of behavior.
Responsibilities include participating in a mutagenesis screen for behavioral
mutations in zebrafish and the management of a modern zebrafish breeding
facility. This will involve screening for mutants, analysis of mutant
phenotypes, genetic mapping of mutations, and the care and breeding of mutant
and transgenic zebrafish. A 2nd responsibility includes participating in
generating and analyzing transgenic zebrafish. This will involve performing
various molecular and cellular methods such as gene cloning, imaging the
embryonic brain and spinal cord with techniques such as confocal and time
laspe microscopy, and analysis of gene expression patterns.

Bachelor Degree in biological sciences or comparable knowledge gained from
experience working in a life sciences laboratory or interest and experience
with fish breeding. Any experience or knowledge of genetics and/or
neurobiology would be desirable but not necessary. Any experience with basic
laboratory and molecular biological techniques would be desirable but not
necessary. We will train you to perform these procedures. Excellent
organizational and communication skills, and willingness to learn new methods
are necessary for this position.

Professor John Y. Kuwada
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
The University of Michigan
tel: (734) 936-2842

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