Re: NANFA-- ID help wanted - freshwater pipefish in N. Florida
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:42:20 EDT

pretty cool yes indeed. nifty you got to say hey hi to the little beast as
i could not believe it when i saw it. i would have retrieved my nets but
connie was giving me the eye. she gets a bit weary of watching the kids while
i flail about in the fish world. i sure want to return there as that small
1/4 mile snorkle float was intense. i did see the little flounders you
mentioned in the suwanee just downstream of madison blue spring. neat little
fish. is it a freshwater fella or a mystery like the pipefish? lots of sand
type darters and a pretty shiner in breeding mode.
seriously i wonder if these pipefish live here year round or was it some kind
of breeding migration? it seemed to be about 6" long but i dont know if it
was a adult or juvi.
that leg of the florida trip was a bit saddened by the dryness and the
barrenness of plant life arround the trampled springs... thus not many
critters. i did find a nearly virgin spring near wakula that was stunning and
prehistoric. lush vegatation and swirling life. very neat. very pretty.
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