NANFA-- O'neil cylinders

Brian Haas (
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:42:55 -0500

As incredibly expensive as it would be to use money and bribes and
contracts and agreements and land buying to fix up our environment's mess,
I'm still thinking that it would have a price tag pretty darn camparable to
the price tag on a unit like an O'neil cylinder. Holy cow!

Travis Haas
Hazel Green, WI

At 11:27 AM 6/21/02 EDT, Moon wrote:
>"artificial space habitats" Terra forming is another
>thing entirely, takes thousands if not millions of years, and might not even
>be possible. Then you have to think is it right to colonize another planet
>that might have life even if it is only bacteria. What I have in mind is
>in space technology circles as O'neil cylinders. Using materials from
>asteroids you build giant sized hollow habitats spin them to make artificial
>gravity on the inside, use fiber optics or mirrors to bring sunlight into
>inner surface and line it with dirt. make hills and valleys, fill it with
>and water and you have an artificial habitat. Use a magnetic field to shield
>it from particle radiation from the sun. It could be anywhere from a few
>acres to several square miles. You can choose your own gravity, air
>and control the weather. Forests, streams, lakes, even golf courses if you
>must have them.
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