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<< When I picked up the empty cooler to rinse it out today (it was standing
in a
corner and had completely dried out), I noticed a fish flopping around on
dried out bottom of the cooler! When I looked closer, to my complete
I saw the lone male Naked Gobie had survived in what had to be just a scant
tablespoon of water that was trapped in the drain spout of this Igloo
I can beat that! About three years ago I caught several small freshwater
flounders and brought them home in a bucket. The next day I took that bucket
with me when I went to pick up my minnow trap. The trap was empty so I took
it apart and put it in the bucket along with the small piece of old raw liver
I had baited the fish trap with. Two days later I went to use the bucket
again and saw that I had left a small puddle (less than a tablespoon) of
liver juice in the bucket. When I started to clean it out I noticed something
moving in the liver juice. It was a small flounder! Still alive in the liver
juice! I'm not sure if he was from the minnow trap or an unnoticed catch from
three days before but he lived for at least two days in chicken blood! He
was very small, about 3/4 inch. I still have him and he is about 5" long now!
I know, I know, it's hard to believe, if I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't
believe it either.

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