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Oh. So if you can't breed it, then don't do it (I did, I enjoyed it ;).
Or if you can't make it marketable, then to heck with it. To heck with
a major ecosystem on earth. It didn't have commodity, so it's not part
of the free-market schema. Yeah. That saves lives and stuff.


Should we discuss the Coffee Blight of the late 60's or would that
discredit the fact that the internet exists? Man, biodiversity is a
pain.... Especially when it "stimulates" markets ;)

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miniature sturgeon

As for the plunder of coral reefs , it may have alot to do with
the fact
that the oceans are subject to abuse because they are considered
herritage" and cannot be claimed for private ownership. The
authors of
the two books mentioned suggest some kind of transferable quota
that can be exchanged in the market place as a solution to
that might work too for corals and other marine life sought for
aquarium trade.

My own personal bias - I've always maintained that if you can't
breed it
yourself ; it's not worth keeping- which has pretty much
discouraged me
from getting into saltwater. Guess it's because I like the idea
of being
self-sufficient in the event something I like gets scarce or
in the future.

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