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Fri, 4 Jun 2004 22:38:07 EDT

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I would like very much to maintain a culture of daphnia in the fish room
as a source of food for my pygmy sunfish and any juvenile fish that I am
fortunate enough to breed.

Any ideas on how to set this up? I have a couple of 15 gallon cattle
feed containers that I would be more than willing to use.

Live Foods Mailing List

Here is a link to the Live Foods List's archives. I used to be on their
mailing list (or maybe still am) but haven't gotten a message from them in a
couple years or so. There used to be two lists.

Liz told me she saw wild daphnia in a formal pond with a fountain on the Art
Museum grounds. I collected some. Gives a whole new meaning to the term
daphnia "Culture." :>

It was interesting that I could not see them in the water. I stuck a wide
mouthed plastic bottle next to some lillies and it came back with lots of the
little critters. No fish in the pond but there were ducks and a decent sized
snapping turtle. Seems like I've heard from more than one source that when
looking for wild daphnia always check duck ponds.

I have other cultures of daphnia Magna and what I think is Russian Red Moina
if anyone wants to work out a trade. I am looking for Florida Flag fish,
pygmy sunfish, dwarf crayfish, Pygmy Killifish or ? if you want to work out some
sort of trade.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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