Re: NANFA-- daphnia

Mark (
Sat, 5 Jun 2004 12:31:56 -0400

Yeah, what Scott said. That was great info. And my own personal
theory: bird poop! I had the netting off one of my tubs yesterday,
and when I came back out, there were three birds perched on the edge.
Well I think they were probably attracted to the floating bags of
fish I had left there to acclimate. Maybe a close call. I do see a
lot of birds hanging around those tubs when I look out from the house
sometimes. I unintentionally brought some daphnia home last weekend
with some mosquito larvae I collected from some flood plain pools
along the Maumee. I think I'll put them out in a tub with some
window screen over it to keep the sqeeters out. There were lots of
YOY fish fry in some of the rapidly drying pools which I harvested to
feed some young pickerels. Later my dad told me the water came up
again and those little fry might have escaped to grow up (well, a few
may have grown up). So I guess one shouldn't assume one knows that
fate of another until it happens.

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