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> > I am thinking about getting a Florida reef tank. I would prefer to have
> only
> > a protein skimmer for filtration, and I have a question. Would it be
> > necessary to have a powerful (like Prizm) skimmer on a 46 g or could I
> a cheap
> > countercurrent (like Lee's),-in-least in the beginning?
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> If your only filtration is to be a single skimmer, then-in-least make it
> a GOOD skimmer.
yes, it is possible, maybe even better to set up a marine tank with no
filtration other than a protean skimmer but you do need a good skimmer and in the
beginning is the time the skimmer needs to be-in-it's best! I've found that
plant growth is the most effective filter but it needs to be backed up by skimming
at least-in-first. Very aggressive plant growth can replace skimming but
skimming gives you more room for error. Another neutral type of filtration you
might want to include is sedimentation or a settling tank. if you allow the tanks
water to slowly flow through a tank with lots of baffles much of the detritus
load of the water will settle out. If you give this tank a thick layer of
sand many small animals will grow there and eat the detritus. Their spawn will
provide a small amount of plankton to the main tank. I would put the skimmer
between the sediment tank and the main tank up stream from the sediment tank.

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