Re: NANFA-- Protein skimmers

Mysteryman (
Tue, 08 Jun 2004 17:44:51 -0700

> She never realized
> how many different kinds of completely _sweet_ algaes there are out there.
> Heck, some days I think most of them are better than a lot of the brown
> coral you see in most shops :)
Amen, Brother!
One of the most spectacular tanks I ever set up was a 240 gallon algae
tank. Picture a heavily planted dutch style "Plant" tank, only this time
with about three dozen different species of macroalgaes. Hard to
describe, but trust me, it was a jawdropping showstopper! Two big clumps
of vividly colored sponges, a few gorgonians, some Rose corals, lots of
Condys in various colors, two even GREEN, some commensal Periclemines
anemone shrimps, a six-pack of Flame Cardinals, and a blue-all-over blue
crab finished the display. ( The crab was a small blue crab, but it was
a freak which was a deep metallic royal blue all over..Fabulous! I
caught it in the Casseiopeia flats down in the keys, if you know where
that is. One day I'd like to make a model of that amazing area. You have
GOT to see this place to believe it; it's easily one of my favorite
places on this entire planet. ) I should mention that you need a
collector's license to collect, and they're next to impossible to get

Those silly Caulerpas come in so many shapes and styles that it's hard
to believe they're all related. All they seem to need are water, light
and pruning, though, and they grow like weeds. Some of them are so
attractive that it seems to me a guy could seriously supplement his
income by growing them for the hobby on a large scale.
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