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Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:38:20 EDT

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> I knew that they were piscivorous, but I did not realize that they went into
> seawater. I agree, this is a fish that is a shame to loose. I wish there
> was a way to try to work with this species. These and the couple of
> freshwater dolphins that are left over there.
It's a terrible thing and the paddlefish is unique and cannot be replaced by
another species. I was amazed to learn it was totally piscivorous and not a
slow filter feeder like our paddle fish. Even the paddle is different and the
moth has teeth! it's a crime for these animals to become extinct as a side note
to history. But the stocking of a totally different fish to replace it is what
really shocked me! I guess after see all the problems caused by exotics here
I didn't think the "experiment" was continuing elsewhere. Very frustrating to
see others making the same mistakes and nothing can be done about it. At this
point saving it would be difficult to say the least and would require a very
expensive effort. Not something the Chinese government wants to do, so
replacing it evidently seems to be the better thing from a money stand point but the
fish will not be the same fish and maybe not even compete with each other. The
dam will definitely take away the habitat of this fish if has to go to the

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