NANFA-- Enneacanthus obesus Spawned, 6-12-2004

Mark (
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 21:26:13 -0400

I went out to check on my Enneacanthus obesus today and found some
eggs. Yea! I had put the presumed females (smaller fish) outdoors
in a tub that was full of bugs from last year (it was out all
winter). That was maybe four weeks ago. They fattened up nicely on
the rich food. So I set them up with the males in a 100 gal
livestock tank/tub. It has a rectagular UG filter and powerhead (the
tub is oval) and a layer of fine red flint gravel. I also added a
couple terra cotta drain tiles and a couple clay flower pots for
cover. I pulled all of the fish out today and found the eggs inside
one of the flower pots, which had been lain on it's side like a cave.
The fish had only been in there for maybe two weeks. So now I'm
counting on the little wrigglers to hatch out and take care of
themselves until they are big enough to see them. This is a nice
strain originally from New Jersey. These will be F2's I think I
have Lepomis marginatus eggs in my other tub too. So I may have more
fish to move before _we_ move!

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