NANFA-- Convention

Dustin Smith (
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:32:34 -0400

I would like to take a second to thank everyone for coming to this year's
convention. I really got to spend a lot of time and get to know many of the
faces behind the names I hear so often. The event went, surprisingly, well.
I know that it was a very long trip for most and I think this goes to show
the point that this is a very strong and flourishing organization. I also
wanted to thank the people that helped Chip and I out in the planning and
execution of the events.

First off, the folks-in-Riverbanks Zoo were wonderful. They not only
donated the facilities, but also gave of their time for months beforehand.
They assisted us on and eventually donated all of the wonderfully printed
name tags, The night of the banquet every member of the aquarium staff was
there, some I understand, on their own time. They also opened the
facilities for us to tour on our own which is not done often. Jim Clark,
one of the aquarists, has been there with us for months coordinating things
and helping with the planning. Without Jim, things would certainly not gone
as smoothly.

I want to thank the speakers for donating their time and expertise. Some
came from quite a distance-in-their own expense just to be able to give
their presentation. As always I think they were top-notch and we all
learned something from each and every one.

I would also like to thank Chris Scharpf, Dan Hagley, Casper Cox, Dave
Graley, Gerald Pottern and Fritz Rohde among others for all of their help.
One thing I learned from this experience is that, even though Chip and I
were the names listed as presenting this event, it took so many more people
to pull it off. Everyone-in-the convention was eager to lend a hand and
this really made things go more smoothly.

Again, thank you all for coming. And I look forward to seeing everyone next
year wherever we may be.

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