Re: NANFA-- Convention

Todd Crail (
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 22:29:22 -0400

Well, while we're-in-it :)

I never had the opportunity to personally thank Dustin or Fritz... I think I
gave Chip enough thanks to go around though, I hope he shared the love :)
You guys did a fantastic job!

A special thanks to their spouses and families, as I'm sure there was plenty
of time away from family time. I hope you gents will pass this along! :)

The staff-in-Riverbanks were unbelievable in their generosity of time and
expertise. I hope that we did leave them a gift as planned for their
outstanding dedication to our Convention. Yes?

I know there was a lot of support behind the scenes, forgive me if I'm not
aware of your role.. Two I would like to focus on now... Casper with his
amazing art work, generous greetings and Moonpies. The ever present Pappa
Scharpf and his fundamental influence on the greatness flowing through our
club. Both are fine Fellows in our club now, and we can only strive to
replicate their dedication.

The fantastic speakers who presented. It was a wonderful example of the
marriage between good science and sound aquaria husbandry that stands-in-our
organization's core.

Jan Hoover, I want to offer a sincere _thank you_ for investing your time
with kids that you have. Not as a way of rating the talks or making any
kind of comparison between speakers... But I have to say I enjoyed Tyler's
presentation the most. He's an absolute natural, and I look very forward to
hearing him speak again in the future. I have little doubt that I will. :)
Tyler, you out there? Take a bow, man. You deserve it!

And... A special thanks to Dave Smith for his generosity after we left the
French Broad (I hope you're on the list). You made the whole trip worth it.
Seriously. Some things were kinda stinking right then... Mostly, that I
had lost the car keys for about 15 minutes of panic and had just partially
recovered from a near coronary... But you came through in ways you were
probably not aware...

The "evides" has landed in the Maumee River Basin again!

Farmer-Tales (tm) to come tomorrow night.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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