Re: NANFA-- Convention

Todd Crail (
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 18:43:13 -0400

Things happen Laura....

A certain "Mr. Conservation" didn't even do as much (register), concerning a
poor misguided terrapin, lost in his way on the US 20 bridge over the Pee
Dee River flood plain. Seems Mr. C (as he shall be called from here out)
was a little too consumed with looking over the side of the bridge for "the
water". And as it was described, made the image of a "shotgun to a
watermelon" imprint in the minds of the Zarlinga vehicle ahead.

There are fears that the car beside Mr. C did not have their windows closed,
and the imprint on their minds (and or bodies) was even more up close and

Yes, it sprayed that bad.

I guess the alternative is living in a place like, um, Ohio, where there are
no wandering animals left, so you never have this problem. It's an
absolute shame when it happens. Sound like you guys made the best of it :)


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From: "Laura Burbage" <>
> Regarding the cottonmouth that Casper managed to miss
> in Charleston, I admit, it was me that hit it. I had
> just enough time to register "Object in road!" before
> the "thump-thump" of it going under my tires. I hate
> doing that. But the alligator was quite a pleasant
> surprise. How did those pictures come out, Casper?
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