NANFA-- Report from Reefbuilder 6/29

kahley (
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 07:17:14 -0400

Hiya all!

If you live in the mid Atlantic area, you have probably guessed why
there were no reports last year. The river was high and muddy most of
the season and I was able to get in the water only EIGHT DAYS! Those
eight days were all work, digging out the accumulation of sand silt and
clam shells dumped by the flooding. The only fish I saw that I knew
were Betsy, (bass) the chubs, Moey (catfish) and Sunny (sunfish).

We couldn't even get into the River until around the fourth of July and
then the next week it started raining and that was it until a week in
August. Sunny wasn't there in August.

I made some major changes in my strategy last summer that has paid off.
I totally dismantles the cross current structures between the middle
and outer reefs for the winter, to allow a more natural flow and cut
down on the sediment build up. I have only had three days this year and
the water is still deep and murky but from what I can see it appears to
have worked. This cuts down the sediment issue by 70%. Less

There is still a lot of muck in between the inner and middle reefs but
I have it about 1/3 clear. I had to stop because there is a Blue Gill
nesting and I don't want to disturb this. Betsy is there and right in
my face. she has been caught and has an injury to her lip but if
fungus doesn't set in, I think she'll be OK. There seems to be only
three of the resident old chubbs left and so far, none of the new
generation that were there last year. No sign of the catfish yet. I
know they are are pretty old but I am going to miss them terribly when
they are all gone. Last year I did see some resident little cats,
probably from Moey's brood but they are still hiding in the rocks.

The water hasn't cleared yet. Only about four foot visibility so there
may be more fish in residence than I have seen so far.

I replaced the cross current section of the reef on Sat. and the white
tip shiners were already laying their eggs in between the rock layers on
the roof of the "garage"by Sunday. They really love that set up for egg
laying. I wish the water would clear so I could get more pictures of the
mating. The get such high color ! But by the time the water clears, the
mating slows down.

I hope I haven't jinxed the summer by posting this. I'll go crazy if we
get a lot of high water again. Weather report looks OK for this week.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.


PS....The body glove works well but I forgot it on Sunday with water
temp of 69, air temp of 74 and wind gusts to 30. I am sore all over
from shivering.
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