Re: NANFA-- A word on algae

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 4 Mar 2001 22:40:39 -0600

Hmmm, Should not of been the water then, maybe something totally unrelated.
Not any other tiny organisms that are hard to see with the naked eye that
might have ate all your euglenas? Cyclops are "pretty big" and can gobble
alot of them up. But I think you would see them, about the size of ground
black pepper and they zip all over the place all the time. I don't think
parameciums can eat euglenas, but they look like white cirrus clouds when
common in the water, to see them you need to shut off all the other lights
and shine a flash light in from the side. These are great foods too for fry
fish. They would compete for the same rotifers and bacteria though, and
maybe out compete the euglena. Parameciums are super hardy, needing only a
little light to flourish.


> I used water that had been dechlorinated and aerated for at least a day
> like I use for fish. Perhaps, it was too much of a change. I have been
> this for a few months without a problem. The goldfish are doing fine.
> Lee Harper

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