NANFA-- AC article use policy statement change

Jay DeLong (
Sun, 04 Mar 2001 21:12:30 -0800

The language regarding use of the American Currents articles from the NANFA
web page or from AC has been changed slightly. There was apparently some
confusion about giving proper credit, so this slight change should help
clear things up. The webpage still has the old language, which I'll change
when I can get to it. Please share this with anyone who may have articles
on their site or may be interested in them.

New AC article use policy:

"Article copyrights are retained by North American Native Fishes
Association. Aquarist, academic, education or conservation groups may
repost or reprint articles (except for specially copyrighted material),
provided notice and credit are given to "American Currents, Publication of
the North American Native Fishes Association," in those words. If you are
reproducing an article on another website, please provide a courtesy link
to the article's location or the main NANFA page at"

Our goal in offering these articles is to share information in the spirit
of conservation of native fishes. In return, we ask only for the basic
courtesies of notice and credit for our efforts and the efforts of the many
American Currents authors over the years. NANFA has never objected to a
person using their own article for their personal use, even if it also
happened to appear in AC. If you plan to reuse your own article, you may
want to notify anyone else involved with whatever you have going on that it
did appear in AC, as this fact is important to some collaborators and

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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