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Leo Arieux (
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 08:31:50 -0600 (CST)

Jay :

This is the way my Amazon Swords propagate. I have several large (30
") high in my 45 gal. high which from time to time send out a
"flowering" stalk which I keep submerged. This eventually makes a series
of smaller plants along the stem. I
keep the new plantlets attached to this stem until they are 5 or 6 "
long with well
developed roots (I usually have 2 plantlets
develope opposite each other). I either plant them directly in the
substrate or put them in small crockery pots in divided aquariums that I
keep bettas in with no filteration. The bettas provide natural
fertilizer and they love to lay on the leaves.

Now speaking about fertilizer.... I use 2 liquid fertilizers in the
water column. Tetra "Iron" and Seachem's Flourish at
recommended strength, it doesn't affect the fish and it sure makes the
plants grow AND look great. OBTW I add the fertilizer to the tank/tanks
each week after my water changes. When the plantlets grow large 12 to 15
" I usually sell them or trade for "other" things at my LFS. Works for
me as they cannot get quality Amazon's like this anywhere else.

I also do the same with my Jungle Val's and Banana plants ( Nymphea )
of which I
have three color varieties. These propagate from the base of their pads
on the surface of the water column where
there is a slight swelling from which the roots emerge. The lily pad can
be attached or detached from the parent plant, it does not seem to make
much difference. Hope this helps you.



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