Re: NANFA-- Amazon sword question

Gupp (
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 22:29:55 -0700

Sounds like your sword is having swordlets. :) Just dependson if the
stalk makes a leaf on the end or flowers. If it's a real Amazon sword it
should be flowers and then baby swords.

Wanna trade for some of that cardamine?



Jay DeLong wrote: > > I have an Amazon sword which must be happy because it has thrown up a stalk > well above the leaves to just below the surface. What can I expect to > happen next? Is this a flowering stalk? I might be able to look this up > but maybe someone can help. I don't know the species. > > Another plant question while I'm at it: I had a real nice growth of > Cardamine in a tank. It seemed to thrive on the 10-12 hours of light I had > on the tank and was reaching across the surface forming a dense mass, but > not too dense that I couldn't see the fish in it. My pygmy sunfish loved > it. And the plants below it grew well in the reduced light. Then one day > all the roots pulled loose from the gravel and now it's a disappointing > suspended mass. Is lead the best way for keeping this plant rooted in > gravel? > > -- > Jay DeLong > Olympia, WA

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