RE: NANFA-- 2001 t-shirt announcement

Jay DeLong (
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 22:01:05 -0800

I think people view the purposes of the shirts differently. Are they
uniforms, advertisements, fashion items, or what? Me, I want to look good
(sexy), so I go for the fashion-- Armani suit, NANFA t-shirt.

Rob Carillio, I know you're proud of what you've organized (we all are) and
of course you want the t-shirts to be memorable souvenirs, but afterwards
when people return home, don't you think they may prefer a more understated
t-shirt? So, could you go for the large image on the back and the madtom
logo over the left front pocket area? How about you Bruce S? And other
people want just the small logo on the front, so we could have that t-shirt

Would anyone buy a baseball cap with the madtom logo on it? Any other
items anyone can think of? The place where I've had the shirts made the
last 2 years can have all kinds of trinkets made (keychains, cups,
notepads, pens...)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

At 09:45 AM 3/7/01 -0600, you wrote: >I respectfully disagree with Rob and agree with Jay and Harry. > >I think that large, complex images (like Legacy of Loss) work better on the >backs of T-shirts. When they are on the back, they allow prolonged viewing >by passers-by and in photographs do not detract from the faces of the people >wearing them. > > > > >>>As someone who has designed many softball uniform shirts.... I think the >logo af NANFA is best kept on the sleeve... Legacy of Loss on the front.... >and NANFA CONVENTION on the back.... Rob C.<<< > > >>>I think that the way you describe the shirt, with the convention logo on >the front >and the Legacy of Loss on the back, is the way to go. I'll take two size >large. >Steven "Harry" Knaub<<<

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