Re: NANFA-- silverjaw minnow

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 20:03:38 -0800

Thanks. When I was in school in the mid 80's I was taught it was
Ericymba. That one paper I cited from 1981 also called it Ericymba. I
wonder why the AFS kept it as Notropis in the 1991 names publication? I
also wonder why this wasn't named the silverjaw shiner instead of silverjaw
minnow. I never understood the shiner, chub, minnow logic.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

>Since the old (1991) AFS list of fish names uses Notropis buccata, many >organizations follow that nomenclature. Even when names are changed in the >interim, some organizations refuse to acknowledge the name changes until >the AFS >publishes its new list (about every 10 years). This is the case at the >Tennessee >Aquarium, which still uses Notropis for sailfin shiners while the rest of >us use >Pteronotropis. > >Since the recent AFS list of southeast fishes in Fisheries uses Ericymba, I'm >sure the new "official" AFS list -- which I believe is due out next month -- >will use Ericymba as well. > >Chris (soon to be Pterochris) Scharpf

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