NANFA-- PR-friendly common names

Christopher Scharpf (
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 20:18:12 -0400

Bill Allen said:

>PS - - Names also often impart marketability, among other things. How many
>"red tailed sharks" would the pet shops sell if they were called "red
>tailied minnows", a much more accurate name.And would the Snail Darter get
>as much press if it were referred to by a long Greek/Latin name instead of
>something cute?

Excellent point, Bill. (Although Percina tanasi is not the much of a mouthful.)
Still, you've gotten me thinking...

"Snail" sounds pejorative and lowly, and perhaps connotes unpleasant things to
some people. Do you think the snail darter would have had more public support if
it had been called, say, freedom darter? Imagine the PR complications the TVA
would have faced if it were being charged with the potential extinction of the
"freedom darter"?