NANFA-- pygmy sunfishes

Fritz Rohde (
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 10:14:48 -0500

The number of pygmy sunfishes is somwhat in a state of flux at the
moment. There are 6 described species as were listed earlier. There
may be another undescribed species very similar to E. okefenokee. This
is currently being investigated. The uniqueness of E. boehlkei and
okatie are questionable. A soon to be published genetic paper shows a
population of each species sharing an allele.

As far as I know, there are no state regualtions pertaining to the
collection of E. evergladei, okefenokee, and zonatum. E. boehlkei is
considered to be threatened in both North and South Carolina. Most
populations are healthy; it just has a very limited distribution. You
need special permits to collect in either state. E. okatie is
considered by South Carolina to be of Special Concern. I'm not aware of
any restriction on species in that category. E. alabamae has been
considered for federal listing but at this point isn't. I believe it
may be listed by Alabama as of special concern. It is quite abundant in
the Beaverdam Creek system.

Fritz Rohde
Wilmington, NC

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