NANFA-- RE: March New England Meeting Results...

Richard J Rego (
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 19:39:06 -0500

Hello all,

I just returned from the March meeting of NANFA New England. It was
held at the CT DEP Marine Headquarters in Old Lyme, right on the CT
River. The meeting facility was TOP NOTCH! It was setup conference
style, with a giant screen, conference tables, chairs, wall-to-wall
carpeting, bright lights, very clean overall great place
(in fact we plan on meeting there again next month...still tentative).
We started with a mingle and meet then went into a slide show. I brought
a few slides (about 30) of the fish ladder project we a re working on in
Rehoboth MA, some slides of Brian Bastarache (MA NANFA Member) and myself
collecting around, and some slides of myself and Andy Borgia collecting
in the Florida Keys. We also had a few slides of George Arndt mummichog
collecting in Dighton after last month's meeting...yeah it was cold, we
had a slide of the net FROZEN solid!

After the slides, all present introduced themselves, explained what
their interests were, some present were not NANFA members, however all of
them left with member applications in hand....they did state that they
were interested in joining. Since our first meeting in January...we have
taken on five new members for NANFA. Dennis Buonafede's wife made some
great sandwiches, along with cookies and other snacks. Myself and member
Keith Baker from MA brought the coffee. We did some great networking and
found that everyone is hot and heavy to head out collecting, and all
present were interested in entertaining groups to go collecting.

Here is a list of those present (11),


Rick Rego (MA) MA/New England NANFA Rep.
Keith Baker (MA)
Dennis Buonafede (CT)
George Tamburri (CT) CT NANFA Rep.
Ray Coombs (CT)
Tom Ganley (CT)
Robert & Tracey Lizotte (CT)


Mike Duffy (MA)
James White (CT)
Ed Lechowicz (CT)

Raffle winners were:

Rick Rego and Dennis Buonafede won some Blackbanded Sunfish (Enneacanthus
chaetodon) donated by George Tamburri. These were fish that George
collected around the pine barrens in NJ.

Most everyone present won an assortment of aquarium items such as nets,
gang valves, carbon, fish food, etc... all donated by Rick Rego and
George Tamburri.

So for those of you who couldn't make missed a great meeting.
Very easy to get to, only took us an hour from S.E. Mass, and only took
Mike Duffy about 45 minutes from Chicopee MA (about mid-state). Keep
your eye on the list or in your mailbox for future meetings...until next

Rick Rego
MA/New England NANFA Rep.

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