RE: NANFA-- colloquial names to guess
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:44:56 -0500

Pink Flounder = sting ray
(the smaller sting rays here are a very pinkish tan color and the local
river rats refer to them sarcastically as "pink flounder",
as in:
"Doin' any good?"
"Ain't caught any reds but I got a coupla nice pink flounder.")

When I first moved to Savannah, I had heard all the stories about
restaurants serving "scallops" that were just cookie-cutter punches out of
sting ray wings.
Since I think scallops are extremely tasty, I figured I'd be the sole
reason sting rays were extinct in this part of the world. (Lord knows they
are easy enough to catch).
So, I kept a "nice" one about 5 pounds or so, took it home, cut off the
wings and skinned them (what a nasty, slimy job that was), greased and
fired up the "cast iron aquarium" and proceeded to cook up a batch of
If I ever find the sob who originally started that rumor......

For those of you who've never tried the grand experiment, you can't tell
the difference between shark and sting ray. at least by taste.
(and yes, I've heard all the "soak in milk/vinegar/etc/etc" theories and I
assure you they don't work. Ask me how I know??a fool never lets well
enough alone)

If, and that's a very large if, they had tasted like scallops, I could have
lived like a king!
I've caught stingrays that were more than 5 feet across and about 18 to 20
inches thick!
What a load of scallops that would make?.

(where the insanity of St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching)

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