Golden Club/Re:NANFA-- New fishy observations

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 01:33:37 -0500

> I was at least pleased to see that the golden
> club (a really awesome emergent plant which reminds me of Hosta)
> was growing quite well. I made an abortive attempt to uproot a
> small specimen, and resolved to return another day with a shovel. I
> REALLY want a couple of those plants!
One of my favorite pond plants!
Golden Club and most aquatic aroids- Arrow Arum, Skunk Cabbage - etc are
notoriously deep rooted - they really dig themselves down into the mud
and are difficult to lift intact. Never the less if you do succeed - and
don't injure the plant too much it will survive and thrive as a pond
plant - potted in about five gallons of soil with a covering of pea
gravel to keep the soil from muddying the water.

But rather than traumatize a mature plant and possibly ruin several more
before you get it right - why not keep going back and watching the
plants and collect the seed when it is ripe. Golden club blooms here in
PA in April and the seed is usually starting to break loose from the
stalks by midsummer. Probably a month earlier down there. The seed looks
like green berries similar to those of Jack-in the Pulpit - also an
aroid. They are about the size of a pea and should be sown as soon as
ripe. In my ponds the ones I miss often germinate while they are
floating around and seedlings often volunteer in the most unexpected

Takes about 2 seasons to produce flowering plants from seed but it's
worth the wait. After collecting my origional plants years ago - digging
them out of the cobbles and heavy clay of a river bed I can testify that
seed is the way to go!

Jeff from PA
Where snowdrops and crocus are now blooming and a few turtles brave the
chill to bask in the afternoon sun!

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